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Introduce your existing building to the virtual world and set the stage for cost efficiency based on a digital twin created by VOXELGRID

Who we are

Digital Twins for existing real estate

As a young company, we pursue the vision of fully automating the process of real estate digitization. To this end, our international team has combined the most innovative technologies with excellent ideas and developed patented hardware and software for producing plans and material information. The latter have hardly existed to date, especially in existing buildings. We want to change that and are focusing primarily on the B2B sector. In this way, we create a synthesis of quality, cost efficiency and individually tailored services for our customers.


Patented process

The European Patent for our
method is WO 2018/146279 Al.

Anlagendokumentation Die Digitale Revolution im Facility Management: Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) im Fokus
Anlagendokumentation 3_Stuttgart_Plan
1_OLPE_Punktwolke 2_OLPE_Plan

How we do it


We identify building components using hyperspectral analysis by taking advantage of the unique spectral signature of each material. This results from the fact that building materials specifically reflect light of different wavelengths. Based on this, VOXELGRID has created a unique material library.

Hyperspectral analysis

LIDAR is a method for measuring distances using laser beams. We use technologies from the field of autonomous driving here. Our sensors generate hundreds of thousands of points per second, which are then processed into finished point clouds.


For outdoor scanning we use RGB cameras. Using triangulation, several images are then related to each other. The result is the digital twin from the outside as a colored 3D point cloud.


Deep Learning is a specialized information processing method that analyzes large amounts of data for deep learning. We use Deep Learning to automatically detect surface components.

Deep Learning

Professionelle Gebäudevermessung mit VOXELGRID

The automated VOXELGRID system combines acquisition, data processing and plan drawing. The intelligent VOXELGRID software is the pioneer in the automatic detection of rooms, walls, doors and windows, which guarantees the maximum cost efficiency of our service. This gives our technology its disruptive character and allows it to clearly stand out from conventional methods of recording.


What we offer

Products and prices

We are tackling it! At VOXELGRID, we don’t just talk about Scan to BIM, we offer the digitization of your existing property as an all-inclusive service – all from a single source.

And you won’t even notice us: because as quickly as we are on site for the capture, we are also gone again and deliver your plans in record time. All our prices include on-site data collection and the usage fee for our VOXELGRID system.

All inclusive prices

Point cloud

0,49/per m2

CAD plan

0,99/per m2

3D BIM model

3,46/per m2

Who we work with

Project partners and customers

From on-site data collection till plan creation, we lead your way to cost efficiency

incomparably fast

10.000m2 per day

highly cost-efficient

Automated processes

uniquely innovative

latest technologies

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