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Together we can do more

Franchise system

“Together we can do more”. We are sticking to that. Together with our franchise partners, we take VOXELGRID’s user-friendly technologies and systems to the world as they reap their benefits and take regional orders. As a young company, we are always on the lookout for new challenges and have constantly optimized our VOXElGRID technologies in recent years. What is taken for granted in new construction is still the exception in existing buildings, where around 95 percent of buildings are not covered. We would like to change that together!


You are an engineering company and want to expand your product portfolio? As a company, would you like to better serve the market of existing properties without wasting resources on time-consuming acquisition and processing? Then you are exactly at the right address with us.

Are you already well connected with potential customers in your region or do you even have supra-regional customer contacts and would like to set yourself apart from the competition with your quality, prices and speed? Then our offers will help you to bring out your true potential.

Our systems are true globetrotters. Therefore, no way is too far for us. You would like to cooperate with us? Then distance does not matter for us.

Fairness is a top priority for us, both towards our customers and our partners. We would like to meet you on an equal footing and therefore do not demand any entry fees or advance financing for our VOXELGRID devices, but stick to the idea of “pay per use”.

How it works


Our Franchise system is designed to be quite simple:

As a franchise partner, we provide you with our modular recording systems and you record the inventory of your customers with your own employees. VOXELGRID then handles the processing of the data and delivers finished plan proposals to you, from which you can generate 2D or 3D plans as required. Due to the simplified data collection system of the VOXELGRID system, experts are no longer required for on-site data collection. Finally, completing the plans requires less effort than comparable acquisition systems.

This is the clear competitive advantage for you as a Voxelgrid franchise partner.

Become a franchise partner

You have not decided yet? We will be happy to advise you!