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Our vision

With the help of our future-oriented and data-based VOXELGRID technologies, we transform your physical real world into the digital world of Building Information Modeling.

What we offer

Our products

Thanks to our patented VOXELGRID technologies, our products are a synthesis of maximum cost efficiency and first-class quality. When creating the digital twin of your existing property, we address individual requirements at all times, while our products build on each other.



with point cloud



with point cloud



System integration

Do you have existing GIS, CAFM or ERP systems? Then feel free to let us know. We tailor the products to your individual requirements so that they are immediately integrated into your existing systems.

Point cloud

The point cloud later serves as the basis for the plan creation and therefore already carries all essential information. As a snapshot of your existing property, the point cloud is ideal for inventory and maintenance, for example. With the point cloud, you have a reliable documentation of the actual condition of the property at the time of recording and can refer to this at any time later, e.g. in the event of a change of tenant.

Our VOXELGRID technology captures the entire environment and infrastructure, automatically correcting interfering factors and image noise while preserving all important details.

Scope of delivery
File format
► Point cloud
► True to scale
► 0,49€ per m2 GFA
► *.txt or *.ply file per floor

2D CAD plan

As a result, simple and precise. But magic happens behind the scenes. From the point clouds we create 2D CAD plans, which we offer for as little as 0.99€ per m² GFA thanks to the high proportion of automated processes. 2D plans provide all important information at a glance and are essential for leasing and sales. The plans are also used in facility management for successful long-term maintenance and cleaning planning.

Product variants
Scope of delivery
File format
► Floor plan
► Point cloud
► 1:100
► 0,99€ per m2 GFA
► 2D plans per floor as *.dwg or *.dxf file
► Facade plan
► 2D CAD plan
► Roof plan
► Room stamp with up to five attributes per room, such as room number, type of use, floor covering, room height, area, and perimeter.
► Building sections

3D model

Our 3D BIM model is the superlative among plans. Super are also our prices for it, because here also applies: Quality does not necessarily have to be expensive. The 3D BIM model is the real digital twin of your building. Thus, the component-specific cataloging of the individual building components is possible with just one click.

Scope of delivery
File format
► Point cloud
► LOD 200
► 3,46€ per m2 GFA
► *.rvt file of the building;
by arrangement also Archicad
► Room stamp with up to
five attributes such as
Room number, type of use,
Flooring, room height,
Area and perimeter
► On request with
exemplary furnishing
► Integration of the
Building envelope into the
3D model
► 2D plan on request
with walls and openings

360° Photo and Virtual Tour

With our 360° photos you enter your rooms virtually. The snapshot provides exact information about the equipment and furnishings of your property: this not only gives you an overview, but also helps you stand out positively when renting and managing your property. The additional feature is therefore another eye-catcher of your real estate portfolio and can be easily added during the registration process. With the further linking of the individual photos, we can create a virtual tour of your existing building on request, analogous to the well-known Google Street-View.

Scope of delivery
File format
► 360° photos per room, named after the individual room numbers
► in connection with point cloud
► *.jpg file
► On request, additional linking of the individual photos in a VOXELGRID HTML application.
3D Gebäude Scanner

Why we do what we do

Use Cases -
Be a pioneer in the digital world

Achieve ESG goals

Since the building sector accounts for 16 percent of total CO2 emissions in Germany, the government is relying on CO2 taxes and subsidies. Take advantage of these benefits: With digitization, you take the first step towards optimizing your properties in terms of energy and sustainability.
This means that you know the areas and components of your properties and can choose the best renovation strategy for them ecologically and economically.

Operating costs

Existing buildings often count several thousand square meters. In order to be able to efficiently calculate personnel and material costs in cleaning management, precise information is required on individual room sizes, window areas and types of flooring. We thus enable forward-looking and cost-efficient facility management.

True digital facility management

With the true digital twin of your existing property, facility management is finally possible. Whether from your couch at home or on vacation in Italy, you can easily access plans and important building information through our interface to SAP and other CAFM systems.

Efficiently manage buildings

Save on operating costs by keeping track of your property's TGA with just one glance, while also keeping an eye on traffic safety-related components like fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. This way you are always on the safe side, both financially and legally.

Renting and
Sales opportunities

Potential tenants and buyers of your existing property like to know all the facts at a glance. For this, reliable and up-to-date architect plans are essential, which we create for you according to individual requirements.


Expenditures for the maintenance of your building can only be planned and carried out if area basics, such as GFA and NGFA, or information on window and roof areas are available. We provide you with the essential basis for successful facility management.

Who we work with

Project partners and customers